Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Fun

Jeremy and I have had a fun couple of days. Monday night we spent the evening with the family I used to work for. It was so nice to see them again, I miss those kids sooo much! I can't believe how big they have gotten. Tonight of course was Halloween. BJ and Jessie came over to pass out candy with us. It was cold and had been raining earlier but at least the rain quit before Trick-or-Treat time. We had less kids this year, I think we had maybe 50 kids at the most. We had fun though. I put Leo's Superman costume on, I think he's gotten a lot fatter since last year. He had to go inside b/c he kept barking at the kids so he didn't even get to show off his costume. But we had fun anyway and it was good to spend time with BJ and Jessie before we leave.

Here is Will and Alex. They're such little studs.

Here is Kira. It's hard to believe she was only a few months old when I left. This is her practicing in her first pair of high heels.Here is Leo the dog in his Superman costume. Jeremy says he looks stupid, I think it's cute. Anyways, only two kids got to see it this year anyway.

Jeremy's Power Five

Number Five: The New York Giants: This week is especially hard for the number five spot. Teams that deserve the spot and didn't make it are: Ravens, Falcons, and the Saints. However, the Giants are on a roll right now with a good defense, good running attack, and Eli Manning has managed the passing attack pretty well. I'm not sold on them at this spot yet...but I had to pick someone!

Number Four: The Denver Broncos: They put up a good fight at home against the Colts...but come on, it's Peyton Manning! Still very good with their run based offense and very good defense.

Number Three: The New England Patriots: Looked very good last night on the road. Let's see how they fair against the Colts on Monday night this week. That's going to be a great game!

Number Two: The Chicago Bears: Still incredibly balanced and it looks like Grossman is back to playing well. Very scary team.

Number One: The Indianapolis Colts: Simply put, no defense is safe and no lead is safe with any time left on the clock. Great show of clutch (regular season) performance by Manning.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Good-bye Party

Yesterday was an emotional day for Jeremy and I. It was our last Sunday at Cornerstone. It's so weird that we won't be going back there next week and doing the same things that we do every Sunday. After church we had an open house at the Honeycutt's. There were lots of laughs and lots of tears. We had a lot of fun but at the same time it was extremely difficult to have to say good-bye. We still have a couple weeks to spend time w/people but Jeremy leaves for Knoxville on Wednesday and our schedules are gonna get crazy. The most difficult part is that the people here have become our family and I feel like I am leaving my family behind. Starting over is tough, and I know I will find friends but our friends here are irreplacable and it's so tough to say good-bye. Tonight Jeremy and I are visiting the family that I was a nanny for, I'm excited to see them. Tomorrow is Halloween and B.J. and Jessie are coming over to pass out candy w/us. Then on Wed. Jeremy heads down to Tenn. Here are some pics of last night. I'm sure we'll have lots more stuff to blog about now that these changes are really starting to happen.
This is everyone hanging out.

This is Mindy and Hope coloring. Hope said that she wanted to color a picture for Jeremy's new office. How sweet is that!

Here are the boys hanging out and watching the Bengals game. We ended up staying pretty late and lets just say that these three get pretty goofy and giddy past midnight. Crazy times.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Random Pics

Ok, so we didn't post pics from Family Camp. So, I'm going to post pics that I found on the digital camera. Enjoy...

Here's a picture of Bethany and Baby MacKenzie with Bob back there in the background

Here's a picture of Sheryl, Karen, Tonya, and Lorie having a great time in the cafe'

Here's a picture of me holding Baby MacKenzie. One day I'll have one of my own. I'm going to go to Africa and adopt a baby through the Madonna Adoption Foundation. Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

In case you missed it

In case you haven't been watching the World Series and missed the new trailer. Here is the new trailer shown last night during the World Series. Enjoy...gosh I can't wait till it gets here!


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New Website

I'm very excited about our new website for the church in Knoxville. Jessie did such an awesome job setting it up and designing it. I've done nothing but screw up her good job...but I'm still learning. There's still some work to be done and some glitches to work out...but I really like it. Let me know what you all think.

Nothing else new our way. Busy packing and preparing for the move. Still waiting for someone to buy our house. SPREAD THE NEWS :-). I have half my office packed and we probably have 1/4 of the house packed. Still lots to do. We'll update later...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

No need to wait...Jeremy's Power Five

Well football fans, no need to wait till Tuesday. My power five comes early this week. The Bengals are moving their way up my list with a much needed win this week. The Chargers proved why I didn't put them on my list with a loss to the Chiefs. And the Eagles are falling fast. So, without further adieu...

Number Five: The New Orleans Saints - They did well this week with a bye to stay one of the three NFL teams with only one loss. Too many two loss teams to choose which one makes the top five...so I'll stay with the Saints.

Number Four: The New England Patriots - I hate them. When will Tom Brady just go ahead and run into Corey Dillon ending his career and Brady's season? Oh well. Once again they play a bad team in their division and beat them up. No way anyone is going to catch up in their division.

Number Three: The Denver Broncos - I think the Pats are better, but I can't bring myself to put them higher. Plus, Denver has only given up TWO TOUCHDOWNS in six games. That's a Super Bowl caliber defense. Too bad they have an awful offense.

Number Two: The Chicago Bears - Bye week. Still undefeated.

Number One: The Indianapolis Colts - I watched this game and there was a point where Manning was hit pretty hard with a cheap shot. He got up finished the half and then came back and scored 20 unanswered points (three touchdowns and a missed two point conversion). Don't hack off Peyton Manning...he'll kick your butt!

No luck on the house. The couple went with another house. Please keep praying for us. Selling a house makes me want to rent the rest of my life!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Justin is by far the smartest man I know...sort of...

We're still waiting to hear if we sold our house. So, I'll beat Justin to the punch and say he told me so. My picks for the world series were the Yankies and the Mets. After the Yankies folded in four I still had hope that I was half right. The whole time Justin kept saying, "No man, its going to be the Tigers and the Cards." Well, he's right...I'm wrong...he's a genius...I'm an idiot. There you go Justin...enjoy yourself.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Big Prayer Request

The picture makes more sense further in my story. Ok, so you all should know that Jess and I are really stressing over the sell of our house. Well, yesterday I got a call from our realtor who gave us a time for a showing. I went home for lunch and started cleaning up and our lovely dog (the one pictured above) blew chunks all over our carpet. So, we now have a stain in the middle of our family room for this couple to see. Well, after stressing out all day, they looked at the house...didn't notice the stain...and it's in their top two homes! They came back today and hope to make a decision by tomorrow. So, please pray that this couple is the one. Like I said, we're really stressing over this and hoping to have this settled before I start the new Church in November. Thanks...and by the way we are going to have the carpets cleaned.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Jeremy's Power Five

Before I start my power rankings for the week, I thought I would say a few words about a couple teams. First, my beloved Bengals (2nd favorite team behind the Colts) absolutely blew the game Sunday. There are a few reasons why the Bengals may not make the post season. 1. Their rookie sensations Chris Henry and Odell Thurman are druggies and thugs. 2. Their defense is either beat up or in jail. 3. Chad Johnson needs to stop making commercials and working on his touchdown dances and start getting open. TJ Whosyourmamma is making him look like he's a third string receiver. (Who by the way is having an awesome year)

Second, I refuse to jump on the Chargers bandwagon until they beat a quality team. So what LT scores four touchdowns Sunday. They were playing the 49ers with the worst defense in the NFL! Come on, beat someone good and you'll make my power five. So, with that said...here are my five.

Number Five: The Carolina Panthers - Now, here's a team who has rebounded since Steve Smith got healthy. The Bengals better get ready for Sunday...cause the Panthers are looking hot right now.

Number Four: The New Orleans Saints - They have beaten two quality teams and have a very good offense and a decent defense. They could very well make the playoffs if they continue to play this well.

Number Three: The Denver Broncos - Who still have the best defense in the NFL. They are, so far, this year's Steelers...great running game, mediocre QB, and awesome defense.

Number Two: The Indianapolis Colts - Who are still undefeated thanks to a bye this week.

Number One: The Chicago Bears - Wow, what a game last night. Still undefeated even though Grossman threw four picks and gave up two fumbles. Arizona lost that game...Chicago didn't deserve the win.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Jeremy and I had a pretty good day. We went shopping in Lawrenceburg and Western Hills, even though we didn't find what we were looking for we had fun. Then this evening the Ladies Sunday School class took Jeremy and I out for dinner to Delaney's to spend some time with us before we move. It was nice to spend some quality time with them. I think Cleo was a bit disappointed in the food selection, we liked it but I guess it's no Cleve's Diner! The funniest part of the evening was that Cedric came along (he's about 8 years old) and insisted on ordering from the adult menu, I think he wanted to feel like a grown up. Well, he decided to order ribs and they brought him a full slab which was the biggest serving of ribs I've ever seen. Needless to say Cedric was a giant mess and only got about a third of the way through them. But it was cute to watch him dive into these ribs like no one I've ever seen! So, we had a fun evening and we really appreciate that they took the evening to spend with us.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Family Camp Fun

I was going to post some pictures of family camp but the computer is being stupid. So I'll post some pics later and just tell you about all the fun now. First of all, the best thing about family camp is of course sitting around the fire and roasting marshmellows. (Thanks Sarah for roasting the perfect ones for me.) Second, playing games non-stop rocks. I think I got Bethany hooked on Racko and we also dicovered a new game called Whoonu, it's fun. Leo had fun running fre all weekend and making new friends. And of course just spending time with everyone is always awesome. On Sat. night we celebrated Bob's birthday early and that was cool. It was great to see how touched Bob was at all the people that care about him. The weekend was so much fun but also a little sad for me. I guess it reminded me that I won't be able to see the people that I love on a regular basis after we move and that's pretty tough to swallow. Hopefully we will be able to come back next year but I guess ya never know how things will work out. Too bad it can't be family camp every weekend. Anyways, pics to come later once I figure out what the problem is.

Jeremy's Power Five

I think I'm done doing predictions for a little while. Justin is right, I don't know anything about baseball. The Yankies, Twins, and Padres all lost leaving me 1 for 4. Oh well. Today is Tuesday, which means my new segment called "Jeremy's Power Five." This is where I stick to what I know best...football.

Number 5: The Denver Broncos - This was an incredibly hard pick, especially with a lot of good teams (Bengals, Ravens, and Chargers) who could go in this slot. However, they have only allowed ONE touchdown all season. That's simply incredible. However, they have Jake Plummer at Quarterback...so I just can't bring myself to bump them any higher. Defense wins championships...but you have to score points and not turn the ball over. Denver simply cannot do this with The Snake at Q.

Number 4: The New England Patriots - I hope they lose so I can take them off the list. But once again, Tom Brady and his dualing running backs are great on offense and their defense is still just as good. Would someone just break Brady's leg so that I can take them off this stupid list! Where are the Steelers and their thugs when you need em?

Number 3: The Philadelphia Eagles - Donovan McNabb for MVP this year. Write it down and remember that I called it first.

Number 2: The Indianapolis Colts - Still perfect at 5-0, with a bye week this week. Their banged up defense needs it. However, they still always find a way to win...in the regular season.

Number 1: DA BEARS! - I'm riding the Bears bandwagon until the post season. Still the most balanced team in the NFL. It'll be great to see them and the Colts in the Super Bowl. (Ok, or the Bengals for all those Bengal fans that read my blog.)

Hopefully, Jess and I can get some pics of camp on the blog here in the next few days. It was fun times. I feel bad for those who didn't come for various reasons. They really missed out on some great times and some great weather.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Well, Jess and I are signing off for the weekend. We're headed to family camp tomorrow. I'm leaving early afternoon and Jess is getting there when she gets off work. Looking forward to long days of doing nothing, staring at the camp fire, playing games, football, golf, frisbee golf, and jail break. FUN TIMES!!

On a positive note, we hired a real estate agent Monday night and today we had our first showing. This weekend we are having an open house. So, please pray for us that we can get this house sold.

We got the call today about 2:25 asking if an agent could show the house. I was at the office, Jess was at work, and Leo was guarding the house. So what does our guard dog do? HE LET'S THEM IN!!! That's right, our weak non-agressive dog opened the door for them and told them to help themselves to whatever they want. Oh well. Probably for the better.

Blog at ya later.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Jeremy's Power Five

Hello, I'm sitting here on my lunch break and I thought I would take some time to start a new segment to our blog. I call it Jeremy's Power Five. Every Tuesday I'll give you the top five football teams from the NFL as seen by none other then ME :-)

Number Five: Eagles: They didn't prove much last night by beating up on the sorry Packers, but they are one of the toughest teams in the NFC. McNabb is having a great year!

Number Four: The Pats: The New England Patriots make me sick to my stomach. But, they came into Cincinnati and absolutely destroyed the Bengals...so I have to give them their props.

Number Three: Ravens: The Ravens are by far the most improved team this year. They have a healthy defense and a quarterback who can throw, run, and has leadership. Good pick for the Super Bowl if it weren't for....

Number Two: The COLTS: I love the Colts. Manning will go down as the greatest clutch quarterback during the regular season. His fourth quarter comeback this past weekend was awesome!

(Drum Roll Please!)

Number One: DA BEARS: The Chicago Bears are the most complete team in the NFL. Absolutely unmatched...so far.

I hope you all enjoy my new segment. Tune in next week as I jump on a different bandwagon :-)

Monday, October 02, 2006

Jeremy's Thoughts on Baseball

Hello everybody! I've always wanted to give my picks for the post-season in some sport. So, for all those who care...here are my picks for the baseball post-season:

In the American League we've got the Min Twins hosting the Oakland A's and the New York Yankies hosting the Detroit Tigers. I've never really been big on teams that limp into the post-season and I'm really big on pitching (thanks Justin) so I'm going to have to go with the Yankies beating down the Tigers who don't have experience or momentum. I also have the Twins beating the A's. For my pick for the World Series, I've got the Yankies. They match up really well with the Twins. They both have great pitching, shut out closers, and great hitting, but New York just has too much experience. I really think Matsui/Sheffield/Jeter will make up for the choking that A-Rod is destin to do.

In the National League we have crap. That's right folks...NOTHING! I got San Diego taking out the limping Cardinals and the Mets barely squeaking by the Dodgers. The mets have too much experience, pitching, and offense to loose to the Padres, so I've got them in the World Series.

Yankies over the Mets in 5. Sorry Justin and Blake...please don't hate me.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Thanks for the prayers

Hey everybody. We are back from Knoxville. It was a good trip. We hit some really really bad weather on our way down and back. So, we really appreciate all the prayers. We'll have to blog later when we have a better idea about what's going on.