Monday, July 31, 2006

Look Alikes

Jeremy and Leo are at camp this week so I am without a husband and a dog! It's really quiet around here now....gee I wonder why. This week I discovered a new sight, You upload a picture of yourself and it tells you what celebrity you look like. It said that I look like Katie Holmes and it said that Jeremy looks like, get this, L.L. Cool J!!! Ha! I think that's funny.
Here is me....Here is Katie. Resemblance?? Maybe, now if I only had her body!

Here is Jeremy and his look alike. Hmmm...I don't know

Go to the site and upload you pic and let me know who you look like. I would love to know!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

No it wasn't Big Ben

Ok, I have to tell all you a crazy kats a crazy story. I was on my way to our treasurer's house on Marvin Road. I was at the intersection of Carolina Trace and Marvin waiting to turn left and I glanced out my rearview mirror and I saw a motorcycle heading my way. He was going pretty fast and I thought, "Man, I hope this guys slows down." Well, he didn't and I heard him slam on his brakes, so I stepped on the gas to get out of his way. He started to slide along the pavement and I was like "oh my gosh!" So, I pulled over and ran over to make sure he was ok. He was bleeding from his mouth where he evidently bit through his lip. Other then that he was fine, but he was very lucky. If I didn't move, he would have slid up under my Jeep. AND, if he didn't slide, he could have slammed into my rear and gone through my back windshield. He apologized and said he didn't see that I was turning. I guess he just wasn't paying attention. Anyways, I apologize to those who come to Church...I'll probably use this for a sermon illustration some time soon. Have a good weekend and drive safe! - Jeremy

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

VBS Pics

Sorry these are so late. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Human Taco

In case you haven't seen it Chrissy has a great pic on her blog. Check it out! The kids from VBS gave over 200 dollars towards missions and AJ and I became human tacos...salsa, refried beans, and chips!

Jess is in West Virginia this weekend visiting her family, AND I'M ALREADY BORED! Actually, I have a ton of stuff to do: cleaning, laundry, and school work...but I don't want to do any of it. Oh well. What's up with Fox Sports not showing any Reds games this weekend? Do they not know I don't have anything else to do? What in the world?!?!

Anyways, I'm going to get back to watching sportscenter. You all have a fabulous weekend.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What did I do?

Ok, don't freak out, let me finish the story first. I RAN OVER LEO!!!! Jess and I give Leo a rawhide stick when we leave the house so that he can be preoccupied in the yard while we back up the vehicles. Well, I handed Leo his stick and watched him walk into the yard. I got into the car and backed it up and heard a yelp. Evidently, Leo decided to chew on his stick behind the car. So, I pulled forward, heard more yelping, and felt a bump. I was freaking out by now! I got out of the car and Leo was running around and yelping. So, I was trying to catch him so I could see if he was ok. He jumped in the car and I took his shock collar off. I then proceeded to run into the house to get his leash...still thinking I really hurt my dog. I grab his leash and Leo runs around the house like he's about to go for a ride. I call him outside and he jumps up into the car and wags his tail excited to go for a ride and I'm like, "What are you doing? I just ran you over! What the crap???" I call Jess and he runs out and pees and then jumps back in the car. (He knows he can't go for a ride unless he pees first) So, I called him out of the car and felt his hips, chest, face, and legs and he had no tenderness. He just had black marks all over him. I checked under the car and there was a patch of hair. So, evidently I only scraped him and scared him. There is a bump leading into the garage that I must have ran over thinking it was him. I called the vet, they gave me some instructions and he was back to normal within the hour. Boy was I relieved. However, we no longer will be giving him rawhide sticks to preoccupy. Now, we keep him in the house and then let him out after we have backed up. You never know how good you have it, till you almost lose it. I'm so grateful that it wasn't any worse. I love my dog...he's my boy...and I won't take that for granted any more.

Monday, July 17, 2006

It's all about the benjamins

Ok, so Amberlee offered me 5 bucks to update my blog. So, here I go...

Jess and I went over to the Oberkorn's after the carnival on Saturday. We chilled in the pool, ate some grub, and went fishing. Here are some of the pictures...

Here's a picture of leo swimming in the Oberkorn pond. He enjoy chasing the ducks and the kittens. He's not a very nice dog mind you. He also enjoyed jumping in the pool with us. I didn't enjoy that so much...he's stinks and splashes a lot!

Here's a picture of the large mouth bass I caught. It's probably the biggest fish I've ever caught. I was sooo proud of myself and bragging to everyone till...

Jess caught this one! You can't tell in the picture, because I'm up close in the other picture, but Jess' bass is like two inches bigger than mine! I was so embarrassed. There goes my bragging rights. But, I come from the city and Jess is its all good.

Finally, here's a picture of the bass Chrissy caught. Quite a bit smaller then our fish, but she tried. We sure did have a great time.

We didn't get pictures, but my family came to visit yesterday. My grandpa, grandma, Uncle, Aunt, Cousin, and mom all drove down from Bluffton, IN to hear me preach. It was a joy to see them and I was so glad they got to visit my Church.

VBS is going well. We'll update later about that. Speaking of...I need to get going...I gots some games to plan!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Say it aint so!!!

I would like to take this moment to mourn the loss of my favorite Cincinnati Red. Felipe Lopez is now a Washington National. The Reds traded him and Austin Kearns for some bullpen help. I know their bullpen stinks...but not Flopez! Now, I can't chant Flooooowpezzzz whenever he's at bat. Now who do I root for? The drunk Ryan Freel, the beat up Griffey, or Swing and Miss Dunn? Maybe, I'll become a Red Sox fan. Then I can bring my curse to Boston. Sorry Justin...

Exciting Weekend

Hello everyone! I'm very excited about this weekend. And I'm going to tell you all about it...whether you like it or not. HAHAHAHA! Friday night is Crosby Night at the Movies and "Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were Rabbit" is playing. How fun is that? Saturday is our Church Carnival. I get to man a game called ladder golf. Basically, you toss golf balls tied together at a ladder contraption. It should be fun times. AND family is visiting us Sunday. My Uncle Larry, Aunt Penny, Grandparents, and mom are all coming to Church and then hanging out for a while at the house. AND THEN...VBS starts!!!! That's right folks, there is no rest in the Cox household. That's just the start of the next six weeks of non stop fun. So, hopefully we can take some time to download some photos and keep you updated on what's going on. Have a great weekend!!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Old Friends and Good Times

Our friends Matt and April and their two kids were able to stop by for a visit on their way through town for a wedding. It was so good to see them and spend time with them. The last time we saw them their oldest daughter was only a year old and their new baby wasn't even born yet. Now Bethany is almost three and Alaythia is about a year old. Bethany and Leo had a great time chasing each other and playing. They were sad to see each other go. We are the world's worst at keeping in touch with our friends and it was neat to be able to pick up like we never left off. Here are some pics of their vist.

Here is Matt, April, Bethany, and Alaythia. I hope I spelled her name right! (It means Grace in Greek.)

Here is Bethany and Leo. They loved each other very much and played hard to say the least.

Here is Leo after they left, he was pretty tired after his workout with Bethany.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Well, sorry we haven't posted in a while. Jess and I have been busy getting stuff ready for VBS. This year we are doing Group's Fiesta! We have been so blessed to get so many donations from surrounding churches. Hopefully, we'll remember to bring the camera with us tonight so that we can post some of the decorations and pics of our messy Church. I'm just so excited for VBS this year, because it's going to be all done in a Mexican theme. And we all know that I love Mexico!

I went to the doctor today. And just so everyone knows, my fissure is healing. YEAH! That means I can stop complaining about my butt and no more gross pictures. YEAH! The doctor kept me on some nitro-glycerine and told me to watch my diet and that I should be fine.

Anyways, that's all for now. I hope you all are doing well. Thanks for taking time to read our blog. Have a great week!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Curse of the Unity Candle

I (Jeremy) had my second wedding this weekend. It went very well given the circumstances. The groom's grandmother had a heart attack as their family prepared to come to the wedding. She's ok now, but it set a somber mood for a very joyous occasion.

Now, this was my second wedding and I can't believe it but, I've already been cursed! I call it the curse of the unity candle. For those who joined Mindy and AJ for their wedding, you might remember the grandma's trying to light the outside candles. They didn't know how to work the lighter and stood up front for what seemed like an hour trying to figure it out. So, I made sure that the mom's at the wedding last night knew what they were doing with the lighter. However, I failed to make sure the unity candles were set up. Yep, that's right, we were all lined up to start the processional and no candles! I had to go and get them out of the car, unwrap them, and set them up. Very embarrassing. Oh well. Other then that, the wedding went great. The reception was awesome. They had a chocolate fountain to dip strawberries, cherries, etc in! That rocked. I had way too much chocolate dipped stuff. I tried to dip my ham sandwich and sausage, but the guy working the fountain was not about that. By the way, I've decided that when I retire I'm going to be the guy who watches over the chocolate fountain. Unless they have robots doing that by then. That's all I got right now. I didn't get home till 1am and I had an early breakfast meeting this morning for camp. So, I'm going to take a nap. Have a great weekend. Happy 4th!