Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

Just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas before we head out to the land of no internet (West Virginia). Merry Christmas everybody!!!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007


Bush signs foreclosure relief measure into law

WASHINGTON - President Bush on Thursday signed a measure to provide financial relief for financially strapped homeowners facing foreclosure or bankruptcy.

The bill gives a tax break to homeowners who have mortgage debt forgiven as part of a foreclosure or renegotiation of a loan. No taxes would be owed on the value of any debt forgiven or written off. Currently such debt forgiveness is taxable income.

For those who are not aware, Jessica and I had to negotiate a forgiven debt in order to sell our home. Well, we have been scraping and checking under the cushions in the couch to save up for the taxes that would have been owed for this forgiven debt. Well, my accountant is currently checking, but it looks like we may have just caught a break. Hopefully this new bill applies to us!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Just some pictures

We haven't posted any pictures in a while. I'm taking a sick morning this morning (doctor's appointment) so I've got some extra time to post some pics. Here are just a few...

Well this is what I posted five minutes ago. But for some reason, Blogger is not uploading any of our pictures. Really frustrating and this is probably why Jessica hasn't posted in a while. Facebook takes like two seconds to upload pictures, but Blogger is a pain in the I'll have to post those pictures later. They were really nice...sorry you won't get to enjoy them today.

Jeremy's Power Rankings

Here's a quick look at the power rankings. The Steelers fell off with an awful loss to the Pats, while the Seahawks are slowly moving back up the rankings.

Number Five - Seattle Seahawks. I told you early on in the season that they would quietly win their division and make the playoffs. One of the few predictions I got right.

Number Four - Indianapolis Colts. Their offense looked bored Sunday...but then again the Ravens looked tired.

Number Three - Green Bay Packers. Looks like Favre is OK.

Number Two - Dallas Cowboys. Romo looked like a seasoned Veteran Sunday with that comeback win. Very well done.

Number One - NE Pats. Why is it every week they have a chip on their shoulder like the world is out to get them? Don't cheat and stop running up the score and maybe you can win some friends back :-). They'll win this week, but watch out next week...cause Miami will surprise everyone winning in Boston. Just'll see.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Thursday's Video of the Day

This one is for Jessica. She's feeling sick and it will make her smile to see and hear her favorite Christmas song :-). I love you Jess!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Jeremy's Power Rankings

We just had a great weekend at Dollywood. Hopefully we can get some pics on here tonight. Last week was CRAZY...without a hopefully this week will slow down and we can post more! Onto the rankings...

Number Five - Pittsburg Steelers. The Steelers moved back into five with a win against an uninspired, lazy, undisciplined Cincy team...but they are the only 9 win team in the they switch with the Jags who lost against...

Number Four - Indianapolis Colts. Starting to get healthy and their offense is starting to click again. Watch out!

Number Three - Green Bay Packers. Everyone knew they were the second best team in the NFC. Its too bad Favre got knocked out so early, but probably his injury kept the Packers from getting demolished. Sorry about the early bandwagon pick for Favre...I guess I just don't want Brady to get it :-)

Number Two - Cowboys. TO is leading the league in reception yards. He's happy and playing well.

Number One - NE Pats. They can lose tonight and I still would keep them here. They have nothing to win for and they have proved in 11 games that they are by far the best team in the NFL. The only hope for the rest of the sorry AFC is that they become lazy and content and rust up before the playoffs.