Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jeremy's Power Rankings

Number Five - Very difficult this week, because there are two 8 win teams and one will hopefully lose this week and the other hasn't looked very convincing the past couple weeks. So I'm going with Jacksonville. They're on a good winning streak right now, while Pittsburg hasn't looked GREAT the past couple weeks. What a boring game last night! HA!

Number Four - Indy Colts. Manning really needed a good game going into the Jacksonville game...and he got it!

Number Three - Green Bay Packers. If they win this week's game, they should just give the MVP to Brett Favre. He has been lights out!

Number Two - Dallas Cowboys. Still has an edge over Green Bay and they'll be tested at home this week.

Number One - NE Pats. Close game this week. It seems they struggle the most against offenses that feature the running back. Look back at their game against the Colts. Addai did the heavy lifting, until the fourth quarter when NE finally shut him down. Philly is useless without Westbrook and gained a lot of 3rd down conversions because of him. Chances are the Ravens won't figure this out and NE will be 12-0. The real question is, how motivated will they be to become 16-0...now that they are a lock for the playoffs?

On a side note, Cincy and San Diego showed just how good they are this week. Why are both teams underachieving? Neither teams can really blame injuries. They both are stacked with talent. My guess is motivation and discipline and both fall in the laps of their coaches. Maybe its time to rethink Lewis and Turner. That's my thought for the week. Man I love football!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

For our 300th post we want to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pictures from Halloween

Its taken us long enough...but here are some pics from Halloween!

Jessica made some really cool cupcakes!

Someone dressed their dog up like a hotdog. How cool is that?

Halloween Twister.

These two guys in our bible study built this castle and a train that goes around it. Then the kids shot at the targets to get points and candy. Pretty cool! I think the adults enjoyed it more then the kids :-)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Jeremy's Power Rankings

Bill Cower put Ben RothlessICANTSPELLHISLASTNAMEburger ahead of Brett Favre and Tony Romo in his list of the top QB's right now. Seriously? His top three were Brady, Manning, and Ben. It should have been Brady, Romo, and Favre. Check their stats and you'll see three things. They limit their mistakes, they carry their team, and they have a flippin awesome offensive line. Yesterday, I watched as my favorite QB looked like he had the talent of Alex Smith as his beat up offensive line continually allowed Manning to be pressured. Teams cannot say enough about the need for a strong offensive line. Big Ben is good not because he has extrodinary talent, but because he limits his mistakes and has a good offensive line. The biased Bill Cower made a crucial mistake of jumping on a bandwagon too soon (as I did with the Detroit Lions a couple weeks ago). Big Ben looked very average yesterday, as Romo and Favre shown as they have consistently done all year long. Anyways, that's my rant about a horrible piece that CBS put together. On to my rankings.

Number Five - NY Giants. Passed Pittsburg this week by beating a very good team and continuing their winning streak.

Number Four - Indy Colts. The only 8-2 team. Although they looked pretty bad yesterday offensively, defensively they continue to shine. 10 points allowed is pretty good, especially compared to last year at this time.

Number Three - Green Bay Packers. What happened to the AFC? Three teams in the top fine this week from the NFC and all very good.

Number Two - Dallas Cowboys. Squeaked out a win yesterday. They have a "turnover" style defense this year. The Bengals had it that one year they did well. As long as they cause turnovers, they win. Their problem this year was when they played the Pats who don't turn the ball over.

Number One - NE Patriots. Hopefully, for me that is, they follow suit with San Diego and Indy and fizzle out before the playoffs hit. That's basically the only chance that anyone is going to beat them.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday's Video of the Day

This is for Jessica who made fun of love of Christian Rap. :-)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Jeremy's Power Rankings

Another emotional loss this week on a team that is already physically beat up. I hope the Colts can come back this week against the Chiefs at home. I'm also upset that Detroit loss. I jumped on that bandwagon too soon :-). -13 yards rushing? Come on, what was I thinking putting them in the top five?

Number Five - Pittsburg Steelers. Big Ben looked really good yesterday and the week before. Can he keep it up and challenge the Colts and the Pats in the end?

Number Four - Indianapolis Colts. Big loss last night. The best QB and the best Kicker in the league let the team down. However, the defense held the Chargers to 0 points in the second half and only 10 points all game. AND they contained LT. Job well done (on the road mind you) on their part.

Number Three - Green Bay Packers. Favre is on steroids. Is he really 60 years old? Seriously, he looks great! Who needs a running game?

Number Two - Dallas Cowboys. Big win last night against the Giants. So far, they look like the favorite out of the NFC.

Number One - Pats. WOW did you see that win last week against the BYE. Brady, Moss, Vrabel...need I say more!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thursday's Video of the Day

Family Force Five for Katelyn who is no longer with us on Blogger :-(

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Secret Sound

Those of you who know me know that in the past year and a half I've won two radio contests. The first being "Guess What's In Holly's Purse", I won a Blockbuster gift card. The second being "The Prize Pyramid Game", I won four CDs. I also won two radio contests when I was in junior high and high school. Now I am on a mission to win the Secret Sound...for those of you non Knoxvillians here is the run down: The radio plays a snippet of a random sound, you have to call in and guess what it is. The prize starts at $1,000 and for every wrong guess they throw in another $100. The prize is now up to $10,600!! The radio station even helps everyone out and posts the incorrect guesses on the website. Here's the deal...I KNOW THE DANG ANSWER!!!! I can't tell you what it is b/c then I would have to kill you. Without a shadow of a doubt I know what this thing is but I can't get in!! They give you a chance every two hours so I am religioulsy listening to be able to call in. However, I can't because the phone lines are jammed w/idiots who are too lazy to get on the website and see the answers. There have been 74 incorrect guesses, doesn't it make sense to check what's been guessed before you call in and give an answer that is stupid to begin with and has already been guessed!!! O.K. I'm done ranting, just FYI if you are from Knoxville and are trying to win the secret sound check the website! But on the other hand, the more stupid people that don't check, the more the pot goes up for me when I win. If you want to see the incorrect guesses go to www.wivk.com

Jeremy's Power Rankings

Here's this week's power rankings...I'm still mourning the Colts loss...

Number Five - I wasn't sure if I should put the Giants or the Steelers, because they both are looking good...but I'm going to jump on the Detroit band wagon this week and say the Lions! I'm drinking me some Kitna Kool-Aid.

Number Four - Green Bay Packers. I can't see me predicting that this far into the season the Lions and the Packers would be in my top five power rankings! What is wrong with this world!

Number Three - Dallas Cowboys. Still the best team in the NFC. I'm starting to man-crush Romo...forgive me Jessica.

Number Two - The "I can't play four full quarters at home" Colts. Enough said. I'm still upset.

Number One - NE Patriots. Besides being a cheater, Belichek did a great job adjusting and stopping the run in the second half. Very well done Pats...good job.

On that note, NY Daily News reports that Don Shula (of the undefeated '72 Dolphins) expressed that if the Pats go on and stay unbeaten they could put an asterick next to the record like they are talking about doing to Bonds. Interesting. Bonds...never found guilty of cheating...Pats...250k fine and loss of 1st round draft pick for cheating. Hmm.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Thursday's Video of the Day

How did I not find this earlier? Here's the original...