Thursday, November 30, 2006

Just Walk Across the Room

I'm reading a new book by Bill Hybels. It's called, "Just Walk Across the Room." Basically, the idea is that we could save someone's eternity simply by getting up and walking across the room. We need to sometimes get out of our comfort zones and trying building relationships with people. Well today, I got a chance to "walk across the room."

Our youth minister told me last night while we were watching the OSU UNC game that there's a guy from the community who's in the hospital. His kids come on Wednesday nights. Well, since our youth minister is part time and has birthing classes in the evening...he asked me to go. So, here I am like, "Ok, I'm going to go visit this guy I've never met who's probably not a Christian who probably is going to be like...'why are you bothering me while I'm sick' " Anyways, I was pretty nervous...but I went. It was awkward at first, but I really think I planted some seeds. I showed him that I cared, but I didn't push anything.

So, next time the Spirit prompts you to make a move...DO IT! It's a great feeling.

Have a great weekend...

Monday, November 27, 2006

Jeremy's Power Five

Well, since neither the Packers or the Seahawks are going to make my list, I figured I'd give you my Power Five early. Lots of movement on my list this week with some very impressive games.

Number Five: The San Diego Chargers - Barely beat the Oakland Raiders. Their defense is going to have to step it up if they are going to do anything in the playoffs.

Number Four: The Chicago Bears - Wow, they stunk it up against the Pats. Yesterday's loss showed how bad Grossman is when he is pressured. That's the key to beating the bears.

Number Three: The New England Patriots - Looked very ugly against the Bears, but they did beat the number one team in the NFC. They are going to be hard to beat in the playoffs.

Number Two: The Baltimore Ravens - Absolutely dominated the lowly Steelers. The Ravens are looking like a Super Bowl Team right now. So, when does Steve McNair get hurt? Do you think it will be this week or next? McNair is like Leftwich...can't go a whole season healthy. I look for his breakdown right before the playoffs.

Number One: The Indianapolis Colts - Joseph Addai is the real deal and its time for Dungy to start giving him more carries. The Colts are unstoppable when they have a solid ground game going. The Eagles may have scored 21, but the Colts were practically playing a prevent defense after they went up 21-0. Now, Manning needs to figure out the 3-4 defense...and then its on to the Super Bowl.

Speaking of the 3-4 defense. If the playoff picture holds true, Manning would have to get through Baltimore, New England, and/or San Diego. All three of these top teams play a 3-4 defense and they are all leading their divisions. Since Manning and Dungy read my blog (HA!), my suggestion to them is to really focus the end of the season on this kind of defense. In all likelihood, they are going to have to get through at least one team using this kind of defense...and every year they lose in the playoffs guessed it...a 3-4 defense. Pittsburg, New England, etc.

Hope you all enjoyed this week's Power Five. Hope you all have a wonderful week.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

House pictures

As promised here are pictures of the house. This is the living room.
This is our bedroom.
This is the sunroom which we use for an excercise and game room.
This is the kitchen.
This is the dining room/office which is in the same open room as the kitchen. You can see the corner of the island in the right of the picture which is in the pic above.
So there you have it, our new house. There is also a guest bedroom which I did not post a pic of that has it's own bathroom and any of you are welcome to stay there anytime you want!! Come visit us soon!

Black Friday

So I ventured out into the crazy world of shoppers this Friday. I got lost right off the bat and drove around in circles making illegal U-turns for a while. Then I finally got my bearings and started off at Walmart. It was the least crowded place I went to all day so I felt pretty optimistic after leaving there. Then I went to one was at Walmart because the entire city of Knoxville was at Kohls. The line wrapped around to the very back of the store and it took an hour to get through. Next I hit Target where they were out of the toy I needed, total bummer. So then I went to the mall and found some great deals. I also hit a different Target and Walmart on the way home and then later that night Jeremy and I went out to eat and went to yet another Walmart. So the Walmart total of the day was three, all very different with different merchandise believe it or not. At Kohls I witnessed what almost turned into a fight between three women. One left her cart with all this stuff sitting in the middle of no where and the other two started going through it. The one that left it came back for it and freaked out, that was pretty funny. Other than that, people were pretty nice and helpful so I guess it was all worth it.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Leo and Gidget

I know there have been some requests for pictures (Jessie :-) ) so this is Leo playing in our house w/the dog that used to live here. Now she lives at the landlords just down from our yard. I let her in sometimes b/c she looks so sad. Her name is Gidget and Leo loves to play with her. We still have some curtains to hang when we get back from Thanksgiving so we will take pictures of the house once we have all that set up. Things are still going o.k. No job more job interviews for me yet but hopefully I'll get some calls back after the holiday. I'm still trying to decide if I should venture out on Friday to go shopping. We will be back in Knoxville by then so I'm not sure if I want to try to find places by myself. I know I lived here for four years but I don't remember how to get anywhere, especially from where we live now! I hope all of you guys have a great Thanksgiving. Pics to come of the house after the holiday - I promise!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Jeremy's Power Five

This week's edition of Jeremy's Power Five has a few changes. For starters, my beloved Colts lost their first game of the season. It was bound to happen, and I'm glad it happened they can pick up momentum going into the post season. The Broncos also lost at home, almost knocking them off the list completely...but I hate the they made it.

Number Five: The Denver Broncos - They beat out the Pats because they beat them earlier in the season...and because I hate them :-)

Number Four: The San Diego Chargers - Well, now they are winning some meaningful games and have some momentum. However, if they are like the Chargers of old, they will lose down the stretch throwing off everyone who jumped on their bandwagon.

Number Three: The Baltimore Ravens - Almost a lock for the playoffs. The Bengals just have a much harder schedule. The Ravens have a clear shot into the post long as they don't lose easy games.

Number Two: The Indianapolis Colts - Their weakness is still their defense. Fourteen fourth quarter points is unacceptable. It would help if Bob Sanders could stay healthy and Freeney could start sacking again.

Number One: Da Bears - Back on top this week with a Colts loss, but their offense still isn't very good. All the defense has to do is pressure Grossman and he freaks out. All of their close games (and one loss) came because Grossman was pressured early.

Well, hope you all enjoyed. Have a happy Thanksgiving. We're going to West Virginia this year. It is simply too much to travel to Bluffton with all the moving and traveling we've been doing lately. And this will be our first Thanksgiving at Jess' mother's. We're looking forward to it.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


So we finally have cable, internet, and phone. It only took Comcast forever and a day to get their act together. As Jeremy posted earlier it has been a major fiasco. So, we are slowly getting unpacked. We actually got some pictures hung up today. My goal is to be finished by next Sat. so we can put up all of our Christmas stuff then. Our house still hasn't sold so we are still hoping that someone will come along and buy it. I had two interviews last week. One with the school system that turned out to a big disappointment, it's a long story but it wasn't what I was looking for. I also had another interview with a youth development center, I didn't realize till I got there and saw a fenced in yard with barbed wire that it was a lock down facility for juvenile delinquents and they were looking for a therapist to work w/sex offenders. I'm used to cute little 3rd and 4th graders and was pretty intimidated by the place so I turned it down as well. Hopefully something will happen soon. So that has been our life lately, unpacking, getting ready for the holidays, and just getting adapted to Tenn. again. Nothing too exciting but we'll keep ya posted.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Leo the Lion Hunter

That was Leo's original name. Well, now its Leo the wuss. Leo has been constantly abused by the Golden Retriever owned by Bob's son who is in Korea with the Vet Corp of the Army. (By the way, who new the Army had a Vet Corp...that rocks!) Anyways, Bob is keeping the dog until Chad gets back from Korea and he lets him, their small mutt, and the previous occupant's Jack Russell run free on the 11 acres of land we're staying on. Jellico (the Golden Retriever), has raped Leo, bit him, and just plain played bully. But, he's only out at its not like we leave him all day with this dog. He spends most of his day hanging out with Bumper the Mutt and Gidget the Jack Russell. I think he really likes those dogs. Especially Bumper...they play all the time. But Leo's hips are sore and he has a scratch on his ear. He's going to have to start standing up for himself or stop trying to be so aggressive with Jellico. Jellico is a really sweet dog...he just doesn't like it when Leo sniffs his "you know what" and tries to play when Jellico doesn't want to play. Leo has to learn boundaries. Anyways, this is probably more info then most of you care to know...but Leo is safe...just bruised. At least he's getting some much needed exercise.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Update and Jeremy's Power Five

This week is a shortened Power Five because dang Comcast stinks! Oh, I am so mad. They were supposed to come out last night and install DVR, an extra line, digital phone, and internet. So we waited from 1-4pm as we were instructed (they called to remind me in the middle of church) and low and behold NO ONE SHOWED! He finally got there at 8:30pm and stayed till almost 10pm. AND NOW WE ONLY HAVE ONE LINE AND NO DVR!!!!!! That's right folks, he couldn't figure out the internet, didn't have time to install the extra line, and didn't have a DVR box. So, they'll be back Thursday night. That's their last chance.

Anyways, we are moved into our new house. Email me if you haven't gotten our new cell numbers or address. I don't have a new phone number yet and for those in my family who I promised to call: I'm sorry that comcast stinks! Once I get my digital phone, I'll call...I promise.

Check out Chrissy's blog here in the next couple days...she's supposed to blog about Randy at work...I almost ripped my pants in laughter! They have the funniest stories.

Ok, here's the part that no one really cares about, but I have eight more of these deal with it!

Number Five: The San Diego Chargers - Ok, I broke down and put them on here. It was them or the Patriots who lost to the lowly Jets.

Number Four: The Baltimore Ravens - I don't like them either, but they have been winning games. I guess that's what happens when you have the easiest schedule in the league.

Number Three: The Denver Broncos - If it wasn't for the Colts, I'd pick them for the Super Bowl. The Broncos are the only ones the Colts can beat in the post season.

Number Two: The Chicago Bears - Still very good.

Number One: The Indianapolis Colts - Record breaking second consecutive season starting 9-0. WOW!

That's all for now. Hopefully we'll have internet Thursday night and we can post pics of the house this weekend. But don't count on stinks!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Jeremy's Power Five

Before I post, I would like to take time to praise God for the successful surgery today on Nick Baxter. I know he's still got some recovery, but I am rejoicing today that he's doing better! Please continue to pray for him.

Sorry for the lack of posts here recently. Our internet at home isn't working and I'm working from the library! I arrived safe here in Knoxville getting stuff ready for the move. We are moving Sat 8am if anyone wants to help :-). Please continue to pray for our house to be sold. No bites yet.

On to my power five:

Number Five: The New England Patriots - I really wanted to leave them off the list because there are other very good 6-2 teams. But, they did almost beat Indy...but then again...who hasn't almost beat Indy! Still a very good team in a very weak division.

Number Four: The Baltimore Ravens - The easiest remaining schedule in the league. They are almost a sure fire bet for making the playoffs. Their division doesn't look that tough either...especially with the Bengals falling apart, the Steelers looking ugly, and the usual Browns team competing with them.

Number Three: The Denver Broncos- Still the best defense in the league. Take away the Indy game and they have only given up three touchdowns in 8 games. Simply amazing!

Number Two: The Chicago Bears - I think Grossman will have bad games like this weekend. But, his defense is still very good and they are playing against a Giants team with their two best pass rushers on the bench. Grossman isn't too bad when he has time in the pocket. They should pull away this weekend in the Meadowlands.

Number One: The Indianapolis Colts - They have not lost a game that matters in the regular season since 2004. Wow! They only losses came when Manning was benched so that he could rest up for the playoffs. Please tell me they choose to be smart this year and let him keep his momentum going!

Well, I hope to post here soon. I'll have internet at the office tomorrow. YEAH!!! No more libraries for me!!!