Monday, November 24, 2008

Cutest Baby in the World

Its cold here in East Tennessee and Eli has to get bundled up every time he goes out.

Eli was puffing his cheeks out today after his latest feeding and I thought it was the cutest thing in the world!

We're looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. We're going to see Jess' side of the family and spend the day there. Jess is bringing her famous pumpkin cake. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Pictures on a New Hard Drive

Jessica and I have the worst luck with computers. Our hard drive crashed last week and we lost all of our pictures and files. So, we're downloading pictures from our snapfish, facebook, and blogger accounts. It really stinks, but I should have backed it up. Anyways, we're backing it up its all good. Here are a few new pictures of Eli...

Eli had a cold the past week and a half. Thursday it got so bad that he wouldn't eat. So, we took him to the doctor and she sucked out all of his snot. Pretty gross. He's feeling a lot better today and is back to eating well. He's starting to follow things with his eyes and grab a hold of stuff. He grabbed Jessica's necklace yesterday. Pretty cool stuff...this parenting thing. Anyways, be back tomorrow with some power rankings :-). (BTW, I'm starting to realize that our blog readers would rather have pictures of Eli then Jeremy's thoughts on football.)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Jeremy's Power Rankings

It continues to be a strange season. The NFC has been dominate, while the AFC has been questionable. Here are my rankings for this week...

1. Tennessee Titans (9-0) They won this week without running the ball...well they tried and failed miserably. However, Collins threw efficiently and their defense continues to dominate.

2. New York Giants (8-1)I am convinced that the Giants are in the toughest division and has the toughest schedule in football. Every week they go up against extrodinary odds and continue to win ball games. I expect to see the Giants repeat this year!

3. Carolina Panthers (7-2) Quietly leading a very good NFC South.

4. NE Patriots (6-3) One of many 6-3 teams. They continue to win ball games and right now look like a playoff team.

5. Washington Redskins (6-3) This was a difficult pick because there are so many good 6-3 teams. But, the Redskins are winning ballgames in the toughest division in football. So, they get my vote.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

More Pictures that I love!

I love this picture.

My son watching UT lose :-)

He does smile every once in a while...