Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Coffee is Delicious

Hello everyone! Things have been incredibly busy here at the Cox household. Jessica is in West Virginia. Her biological father passed away Saturday and she left Sunday to be with her family. He's lived out in California for a while and she didn't talk to him much, but she wanted to make sure she could be there for her mom who just lost her husband a year ago and now has lost her son. For those who don't know, Jess' grandparents adopted her when she was very young and so she grew up calling her grandparents "mom and dad." She's still close to her biological mother, who she calls by her first name and she calls her biological father by his first name. I hope that makes sense.

Anyways, things have been busy for me as well. We are finishing the flooring at the church and I don't have an office today. So, I'm working from home and doing some visiting. The church when finished will look incredibly different, but will outwardly show what's happening inwardly as the church reaches out to a new philosophy and mindset of reaching the lost. Its been neat to watch this change happen.

Well, that's all for now. I'm going to go drink some more coffee...yum...i love coffee.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


I (Jessica) went to Winterjam last nigt w/some kids from church. Jeremy "isn't a concert person" and stayed home. He missed out, it was my first time seeing any of the artists and it was great. We had awesome seats but some of the pictures are still pretty blurry.

This is Sanctus Real. I really enjoyed watching them perform, they seemed so genuine.

This is Hawk Nelson. I called Katelyn during their performance and held the phone up for 2 minutes so she could be a part of the experience. They were awesome.

This for all you kids out there is Steven Curtis Chapman. I had a crush on him in high school. He did a good job.
And this, was my favorite part of the night...Jeremy Camp. I love all of his songs b/c his lyrics are so personal and relevant. I wish I could have heard more of him. I had this moment in his concert where everything just came together for me. Jeremy and I had a rough week just dealing w/some difficult issues(a.k.a. our house not selling and stupid financial stuff). Before we moved here and we weren't sure where God was leading us I listened to "Walk By Faith" almost every day as a reminder that God had a plan. Well, last night when Jeremy Camp sang "Walk By Faith" I just started crying and it was like everyone else in that huge auditorium faded away and God just kind of said "Where's your faith?" It was exactly what I needed to remind me that no matter what God is going to take care of us and He calls us to walk by faith on a daily basis. I guess this got a little deeper than I intended but I just wanted to share what a great experience this was for me.

Friday, February 23, 2007


I just read a very interesting article about steroids and baseball. I'd like to know what some of you baseball fans think out there.

More pictures from Homecoming

Here are some pictures from this week. Wednesday night we had a few of Jessica's friends from her youth group over at the house. They all went to Johnson and were in town for Homecoming. Then there are also pictures from the week in general. We had such a blast!

This is Andy, Elisha, and Mattias. They stayed with us this week. Andy has a church plant in the Chicago area. We had so much fun!

This is a picture of Renee and Jacob. Renee is married to Gary, who grew up with Jessica in her youth group and now ministers in Warsaw, Indiana.

This is Gina, Lily (Gary and Renee's daughter) and Susan. Gina is married to Sam who was in Jess' youth group growing up. Susan was Jessica's youth minister's wife growing up. Doesn't Lily look like Boo from Monster's Inc?

This is Josh and Sam. They both were in Jessica's youth group growing up. Sam is a student at Johnson and Josh ministers in Winston Salem, North Carolina and might be moving to Richmond Virginia here soon.

This is Jess' Youth Group. Tim and Susan are on the left. They were in West Virginia and now they are in Delaware. Fun times for Delaware. I didn't even know that was a state. HA! Just kidding Tim! Josh is next to them and Gary and Renee are next to him with their two kids. That's Jess in the back. And Gina and Sam are next to her.

Here's Jessica with Naomi. Naomi is originally from England and now lives in Oak Ridge, TN. She's getting married soon!

Here is Jessica with Tami. Tami graduated with Jessica on the counseling program and ministers in Wyoming to kids. She got her Masters from JBC after Jess moved to Cincy. We got to eat dinner with her and our friend Tony (one of my roomates in college).

That's all the pics we got. We had such a great week catching up with old friends. I found out that my friend Tyler...who I grew up with...lives like 5 minutes from me. AND I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT! He almost died and is recovering from a stomach and kidney problem. It was good to see him again and we are getting together next week.

I should have taken the camera to the office today...because I did manuel labor all day. I know you don't believe me...that's why I should have taken pictures. I learned how to lay tile and grout. Fun times. But not really. My arms hurt from cleaning the grout up. And my knees hurt from kneeling down to lay the tile. Man I am such a whiner. Anyways, have a great weekend. Jess is going to see Hawk Nelson, Jeremy Camp, and others at Winter Jam tomorrow. I'll have her bring the camera so we can post some pics.

Monday, February 19, 2007

5 Year Reunion

We had our 5 year reunion tonight at The Butcher Shop. A fun time was had by all. Sorry for the blurry picture...I'm not a very good photographer.

Here is our class president Tim Seevers posing with Jason (CCC's youth minister) and Jason's new baby Esther.

This is Frank. He used to do trash duty with Jeremy on Monday and Wednesday's. We had lots of fun stories to share!

This is Corrie, Nicole and Jessica. Jessica traveled with Nicole for a Summer Travel Team and Corrie was a cheerleader with Jeremy :-)

This is John and Jean. John traveled to England on a missions trip with Jeremy one spring. They are so cute!

This is Jeremy's former roomate Ben and a professor Dave Wheeler. Can you guess which one was Jeremy's roomate? That poor guy...oh the stories he could tell!

Hopefully we'll have some more pics to post tomorrow!

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Jessica and I watched A Mighty Wind last night. THAT MOVIE ROCKS! I just want to say thanks to Justin and Bethany for getting us hooked on this movie. We're planning for a big week next week. Jessica and I are hosting our friends Andy and Elisha and their new baby Mattias. They are staying with us during Homecoming...which we are sooo pumped about. Hopefully we can have some good pics to post of the visit. Well, Jess and I are off to the store to do some shopping for next week. Have a great weekend everybody!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Something to Think About

Sorry Justin, I totally stole your picture ;-). Jessica and I watched the TV show "24" last night. (We had to Tivo it because of a "Heroes" party...not my choice to watch Heroes over 24...but we had fun) Anyways, there is a very gross scene where Morris...shown tortured into arming a device that would blow up three nuclear bombs in the US at any time the terrorists would choose. The terrorist drills a hole in Morris' shoulder and then tells him that he will continue to drill holes until he either arms the device or dies of shock/loss of blood. WOW! Well, he sacrifices the lives of thousands of Americans so that he won't go through this torture and he arms the device.

This got me thinking about the end times. I know there are Christians who are being tortured today because of their faith, but we here in the US are pretty safe from that stuff. We have laws that protect citizens from that kind of treatment. What if we didn't have those kinds of laws? What if we didn't have that freedom? Here's the question: How many times would someone have to drill holes in you for you to deny Christ?

I think Morris went into that torture thinking, "I'll never cooperate!" It was completely different as he felt the pain and thought about the upcoming pain. This causes me to question my loyalty to Christ and to look inside myself to see how serious I am about my faith.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Monday, February 12, 2007

Stuff from the weekend

Jeremy and I were pretty busy this weekend. This is us at Miyabi's, a Japanese steakhouse Sat. night w/some friends. Good food but we had to wait forever and a day to get seated even though the people we were with had reservations. This is our friend Jordan's birthday party, she turned five. The little boy is Zack, he also goes to Cornerstone. They look so cute together, Zack has a crush on her, I think they should get married someday.
This is also at Jordan's party. Jeremy is holding baby Julianna. She is so beautiful and such a good baby.
Not much else going on. I start training Wednesday to be a substitute at a day care center. Hopefully I will find something more permanent soon. Hope you all are doing well.

This will have to do

Blogger is being stupid and won't let me download pics from the weekend. So this cute video with a cat flushing the toilet will have to tie you all over till we can download our pics. Hopefully, Jess will have better luck then me!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ashley Thompson Manning

I've had a lot of people ask me this past week if Peyton Manning is married. The answer is yes. He married Ashley Thompson who he met his freshman year at UT. They've been married since March of 2001. I know, I'm a dork. Jess and I were watching the news here in Knoxville and evidently the outfit she wore to the Super Bowl was bought right here in Knoxville. Fun times.
As a side note. It's 45 degrees outside and sunny. I hate snow and am so glad that I don't have to drive/shovel/freeze anymore. The snow here lasts for about an hour and then melts away.
So, we found out that it would be cheaper for us to travel England then to go to Disney World. How weird is that? Not that we are planning a trip or anything...except to our summer home in beautiful West Harrison Indiana. Fun times.
That's all for now. Have a nice day.

Monday, February 05, 2007

My favorite Super Bowl Ad

This is my favorite ad from the Super Bowl commercials. Enjoy...

YEA! The Colts Won!

I was sooo exhausted last night that I just went to bed. I'm so relieved that they won. I don't have any finger nails left! Anyways, here are a few pictures of our evening with our cell group.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

You have got to be kidding me

Because of the blizzard like conditions that you can see in the pictures above, schools were closed today. What the heck is up with that? You can still see practically all of the grass!! I grew up in the mountains and we still had to go to school even if there was mass accumulation of snow. (Wow - I just sounded like one of those old dudes who walked to school up hill both ways) This is just craziness.