Saturday, March 22, 2008

New Firepit

Jeremy and I decided that we live in the perfect place for a fire pit and found one for a really great deal so we got it. Tonight was the first time we used it and it was great! Except- some of you probably remember Jeremy's tendency to build fires out of control so we had to wait a while for it to be approachable. He still has some bugs to work out! We can't wait till it gets warmer so we won't freeze as much. Anyways, here a couple of pics of our new little contraption.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Its time for a sports blog again

I haven't blogged about sports in a I thought I would give my thoughts on the starting rotation for the Cincy Reds.

The top three are locked. Harang and Arroyo look great this spring. I think Josh Fogg will be a good number three starter. He's got experience and the Reds will be paying him too much for him to pitch in the minors. Number four and five are the question marks. I think Volquez has earned a starting spot. He has had a GREAT spring. If I were Dusty Baker, I would give the fifth spot to Johnny Cuento, who looked very today against the Tigers...and has shown flashes of greatness. I am really rooting for Matt Belisle...but I just don't think he's that great. Maybe they'll keep him at middle relief. The Affeldt experiment is going to be a flop and Bailey isn't ready. I am psyched about Cordero closing and Burton/Weathers/Coffey setting him up. Coffey has lost some weight and looks pretty good this spring. Great job Reds on picking up some strong arms to boost an awful 2007 pitching squad.

I'm really curious to see what happens with the lineup. Baker obviously loves Patterson, but Freel, Hopper, and Bruce are all quality guys out in CF. If it were my choice I would never have signed Patterson and would have given the job to Bruce. Freel and Keppinger are great utility guys off the bench...and Hopper would be a great DH. But, that's why I'm preaching on Sundays and Baker is coaching :-)

That's my thoughts on the Cincy Reds. Working on my NCAA bracket right now. Jessica and I are going head to head again. She loves the bracket! It cracks me up how excited she gets come March. YOU ARE GOING DOWN JESSICA! HA!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Few Pics

Here's a cute pic of Leo. He got a hair cut the other day and appreciated it today when temps were up to 70! Crazy weather...

Here's a beautiful picture of Jess. I caught her after work the other day.

Here I am fixing some grilled cheese and soup for dinner. Fun times!